Dental implants in Vero Beach are an excellent alternative for repairing a bridge or denture if you are missing a tooth or numerous teeth. They provide the same solidity as natural tooth roots, allowing individuals to smile with newfound confidence. Prospective patients frequently ask at what age they can get dental implants and if there are any restrictions.  

Because age comes up frequently, we’d want to review some fundamentals about age restrictions and implant dentistry. Here’s everything you need to know about dental implant age restrictions. 

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At What Age Can You Get Implants?  

Is It Possible to Be Too Young for Dental Implants?  

Yes. While dental implants are available to most age groups, there are some exceptions. In this case, they’re not appropriate for infants or toddlers since they don’t yet have permanent teeth, and they might not even have all of their baby teeth. Even as a youngster grows older, they will not be a good candidate for dental implants. This includes children in grades K-6, as well as adolescents and teenagers.  

The greatest difficulty is that people are still growing before 18. The jawbone structure is still in the process of maturity, which means it is not permanent and may continue to expand. Because dental implants are designed to last, having surgery too early in life is a prescription for treatment failure.  

What Is the Right Age Person Can Get Dental Implants?  

The earliest a person can obtain dental implants is 18, but 18 may be too young. Even at 18, a patient’s jaw may grow, which means it may continue to grow and change. Rather than risk treatment failure, individuals who are missing teeth and are at least 18 years old should consult with their dentist for a thorough evaluation of their case. A personalized treatment plan can be created based on the patient’s current status.  

Is It Possible to Be Too Old for Dental Implants?

The technical answer is no. Many people in their 60s, 70s, 80s and even 90s have had dental implants and had outstanding treatment outcomes. Because people are more prone to experience tooth loss later in life, dental implants are frequently an excellent and popular alternative to permanent bridges and dentures.  

Age-Related Problems Affecting Candidacy for Dental Implants  

Even though you can’t be too old for dental implants, several age-related health issues preclude you from being a candidate. An elderly patient may have major health issues that make surgical operations dangerous to their general well-being. In some circumstances, oral surgery to insert an implant may not be in the patient’s best interests.  

Furthermore, a person who has been missing teeth for a long time may have suffered from considerable bone loss or gum recession during this time. A person is not a good candidate for dental implants unless they have adequate tissue density. Although bone and gum grafting surgeries are available, they can add several months to the entire treatment process, which senior patients may prefer to avoid by using a standard bridge or denture.

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Are You Interested in Dental Implants in Vero Beach?  

If you want to learn more about dental implants and how they can help you smile with newfound confidence, then call our clinic today. At Vero Dental Spa, our team can assist you in making sound dental wellness decisions.

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