Emergencies are inevitable, and nobody would love to be involved in one. Dental emergencies require prompt treatment from dental professionals to avoid the risks of complications. It’s a great help to have a trusted emergency dentist in Jupiter in trying times like these. However, knowing a thing or two about dental emergencies also helps.

old man with toothache needing an emergency dentist in Jupiter

Common Dental Emergencies


A sudden toothache in the middle of a busy day is such a hassle. But remember that pain in your tooth is never a good sign. It could indicate several issues, including tooth decay. Some tooth pains can be tolerable without emergency treatments, but other symptoms like swelling need immediate attention.

What To Do:

Use a cold compress to the outside of your cheek and call for an emergency dental appointment.

Bleeding After A Tooth Extraction

Post-op pain and bleeding after tooth extraction can be expected, but if the bleeding continues for hours beyond your appointment, you should contact your dentist for further direction. You don’t just shrug it off and think that the bleeding will eventually stop.

What To Do:

While on your way to your dentist, you can place a thick gauze pad over the extraction site. Apply pressure to the gauze by biting it down. Also, remember not to eat or drink anything while the excessive bleeding is still ongoing.

Broken Orthodontic

Your teeth aligners are dependable, but they can still break. If you have braces, the wires can sometimes even stick out and poke your gums and cheeks. Braces help a lot in straightening your teeth, and they are designed to stand daily wear-and-tear, talking, and chewing. However, if not taken proper care of, they can break and cause discomfort.

What To Do:

When this happens, you can push the wires to a more comfortable position. No matter how bothersome this could get, never cut the wires to avoid swallowing a small piece or accidentally cutting yourself. Stay calm and call your dentist.

Chipped Or Broken Tooth

Breaking a tooth can be quite a shock and can seemingly happen with no prior warning. You might have bitten down a bit little too hard – enough for your tooth to crack or chip. But whatever the reason is, it’s going to be bothersome.

What To Do:

While waiting for your emergency dental care, ensure that the chipped part of your tooth is no longer in your mouth. You can swish your mouth with clean water to remove broken tooth debris.

old man receiving help from an emergency dentist in Jupiter

Are You Searching For A Trusted Emergency Dentist In Jupiter?

Emergencies are always inconvenient. But here at Vero Dental Spa, we always make it a point to provide efficient and up-front dental care services to save much on your time and other resources. Our team is skilled and knowledgeable in what they do, assuring you of proper dental care.

If you are looking for a confidante for your dental emergency needs, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. If you have any questions for us regarding your condition or our services, please let us know.

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