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Being afraid to smile because of your failing or missing teeth can be embarrassing. Whether you’re missing teeth from an accident, failing dental work, gum disease, decay, or other issues, gaps in your smile can often lead to a lack of confidence, lack of socializing, and even depression. Poor dental health is also closely related to heart disease and a multitude of other health problems. At Vero Dental Spa, we can eliminate dental diseases and completely transform your smile with Teeth Next Day®.

Teeth Next Day® offers the many benefits of dental implants with the bonus of having a brand new smile the next day after implant surgery. If you’re missing multiple teeth, have advanced periodontal disease, suffer from failing dental work, feel tired of using dentures or other restorations, then look to Teeth Next Day® for a quick restorative solution that will last a lifetime in most cases.

Teeth Next Day® Dental Implant Solutions offer patients some options for same-day dental implants. Where most dental implant centers provide only one option to replace failing and missing teeth, Teeth Next Day® has created multiple ones.

About Teeth Next Day

This way, you have a choice of how your permanent teeth look and feel. In many cases, immediate load dental implants can take months between your procedure and your permanent new smile. This may not suit the needs of some patients, so we take the time to thoroughly discuss your options and help make sure you make the right decision on how to permanently replace your missing teeth.

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