Teeth Next Day® Options in Vero Beach

Teeth Next Day® offers an optimal solution for patients with missing teeth or failing dental work. Customized to fit your unique situation, this treatment is one of the best options available in teeth replacement today! Patients of Vero Dental Spa can enjoy the benefits of these fantastic restorations immediately with Teeth Next Day®, available in our Vero Beach dental practice.

You can have dental implants placed in our All-in-One Implant Center and leave the next day with an implant-supported bridge that looks like your natural teeth. Missing teeth, major dental problems, and failing dental work can make life miserable. If you’re experiencing these problems, don’t wait. Contact Vero Dental Spa today!

Candidacy For Teeth Next Day®

The best candidates for Teeth Next Day® have multiple missing teeth, failing dental work, extensive dental decay, infections, loose teeth, a long history of major dental problems, or dentures. If you fit into any of these categories, then this treatment may be perfect for you. At Vero Dental Spa, we offer a complimentary consultation, including full-mouth x-rays for patients interested in learning more about Teeth Next Day®.

teeth next day® options

Teeth Next Day®: The Only Teeth Replacement Solution That Provides Several Options for Permanent Restoration

Patients with failing teeth or bad dental work can have a new smile in a single day with Teeth Next Day® at Vero Dental Spa. Dr. Royal and the team perform extractions, place dental implants, and attach new teeth the same or next day. We offer a variety of permanent restorations customized to meet your personal needs and goals.

While most dental implant centers fabricate permanent teeth out of acrylic, these implant bridges are made with the longest-lasting modern materials that maintain their integrity and appearance. Teeth Next Day® Permanent Bridgework is custom designed for each patient using the strongest, naturally aesthetic materials available in dentistry today. We create new teeth that last a lifetime and won’t chip, crack, or stain.

Teeth Next Day®: The Only Teeth Replacement Solution That Provides Several Options for Permanent Restoration

While most dental implant centers offer only one option to every patient for permanent restoration, we offer several. Many dental implant centers are using acrylic to fabricate their permanent restoration.

Each Teeth Next Day® option offers a unique set of advantages, allowing you to choose what meets your needs and budget.

Teeth Next Day® At Vero Dental Spa

Many patients are amazed to learn they can have implants placed one day then teeth placed the next day, all in one location. Dr. Jonothan Royal is a board-certified implant dentist with many years of experience. Each Teeth Next Day® procedure is pre-planned on 3D CT scan images, and each permanent implant bridge is custom-designed by professional dental technicians in one of the most sophisticated digital dental labs in the USA. Our team of professionals will design, digitally mill, and custom color your new set of implant bridges to create a beautiful, natural-looking set of teeth that will last many years.

Dr. Royal was one of the first dentists in the United States to offer implant-supported zirconia bridgework to his patients. Now he has updated this leading-edge procedure to provide patients with a choice of several Permanent Implant Bridge options:

  • Nanoceramic implant bridge
  • Zirconia implant bridge
  • Porcelain implant bridge

Nanoceramic Implant Bridge: Permanent Teeth In 48 Hours!

Our state-of-the-art Permanent Nanoceramic Implant Bridge is a custom milled ceramic bridge infused with a specialized resin bonded to a durable TriLor® framework. These revolutionary materials combine strength, unparalleled aesthetics, and permanent results. The Permanent Nanoceramic Implant Bridge is commonly supported by six implants, which are delivered 48 hours following surgery.

Before the TriLor®, most full-arch substructures were milled from titanium which, transfers excessive stress from chewing forces to the implants due to its stiffness. The TriLor® frame allows the substructure to flex in the mouth (similar to natural teeth) and transfer less energy to the implants, potentially leading to fewer long-term implant failures.

The nanoceramic material has gentle shock-absorbing characteristics, eliminating the “heavy clacking” typical of hard zirconia restorations. Nanoceramics also won’t wear out natural teeth. Instead, they preserve them on the opposing arch. This Nanoceramic Bridge flexure is a critical factor in allowing the placement of the permanent restoration on implants two days after the implant surgery.

nanoceramic implant bridge

Zirconia Implant Bridge: Temporary Teeth In 24 Hours, Permanent Bridge In 3 Months.

Zirconia is considered the strongest and hardest material used in dentistry today, and its natural white color creates an ideal base for genuine-looking teeth restorations. The zirconia is stained and glazed to achieve the color and luster of natural enamel, with an appearance similar to porcelain. Zirconia is completely impermeable to fluids, so your bridge will not chip, crack, or fracture and cannot absorb stains, odors, or bacteria. This bridge is also usually supported by six implants.

Zirconia is too rigid and heavy to immediately load dental implants, so a temporary acrylic bridge is delivered the next day after surgery. Your Permanent Zirconia Implant Bridge will be custom-designed three months after implant surgery, so the implants have time to integrate and fuse with the jawbone.

The all-ceramic Prettau® Zirconia Bridge is a premium dental prosthesis that offers increased durability and aesthetic beauty for denture patients. Made of a naturally occurring mineral called zirconium dioxide (ZrO2), Prettau® Zirconia is 100% biocompatible with the human body, eliminating concerns about toxicity, allergy, or rejection.

zirconia implant bridge

Porcelain Implant Bridge: Temporary Teeth the Same Day, Permanent Bridge In 3 Months.

The Porcelain Implant Bridge most closely resembles natural teeth in that there’s usually minimal to no pink flange to mimic gum tissue. It’s thinner and much more streamlined in the mouth than the Nanoceramic or Zirconia Bridge, so it feels most like your natural teeth. With porcelain implant bridges, speech is usually not affected at all. This bridge is supported by six to eight implants.

The Porcelain Implant Bridge is custom-designed with a thin and strong zirconia substructure layered with beautiful shiny dental porcelain that most closely resembles natural teeth. The bridge is attached to custom implant abutments, which are secured to the implants. As a result, the design and appearance look similar to natural teeth or traditional fixed dental bridgework.

Because there is usually no pink porcelain to mimic gum tissues, the gums around the implants must fully heal after implant surgery. Cosmetic temporaries are placed on the same day of surgery and are worn for three months, allowing the gum tissues to change shape during healing and implants to integrate. The Permanent Porcelain Implant Bridge is customized to achieve the highest level of aesthetics attainable in modern implant dentistry. Whenever a patient asks for the absolute best implant-supported option available, the Porcelain Implant Bridge is it!

porcelain implant bridge

Change Your Life Forever with the Comfort of Sedation

Using 3D CT scan technology, Dr. Royal will first determine your candidacy for dental implants and will help you understand which permanent Teeth Next Day® option might be best for you.

Dr. Royal is certified in IV sedation, so anxious patients can feel relaxed during their dental treatments.

While you rest in a twilight state, Dr. Royal will perform any necessary extractions and place your dental implants that same day. The permanent bridge option you choose will determine whether temporary teeth will be placed that same day or the next day. In the case of the Nanoceramic Implant Bridge, you won’t need temporaries at all.

If you’ve suffered from missing teeth, failing dental work, dental infections, toothaches, and chronic dental problems, Teeth Next Day® could be the perfect solution for you. It may just be the time for you to move forward and change your life forever.

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