Also known as All-On-4 teeth, a same-day smile is an award-winning dental solution in which teeth that are broken, loose or missing can be replaced with a full set of fixed teeth in just one day. Patients don’t have the discomfort and inconvenience of a prolonged set of appointments. Instead, just one surgical appointment is needed to remove the offending teeth and replace them with a long-lasting alternative that is the closest solution to natural teeth.

A same-day smile is referred to as All-On-4 because the entire arch of prosthetic teeth can be placed onto just four titanium posts which are placed into the patient’s jaw bone. These are positioned in such a way that they are secure and able to be loaded with the custom-designed prosthetic teeth immediately.

Unsurprisingly, a same-day smile is an extremely desirable procedure. It is also highly successful, and whilst its benefits can be reaped by many different patients, it is not automatically a suitable solution for every patient. For this reason, you will need to attend a comprehensive consultation appointment with your chosen same-day smile surgeon to assess your candidacy.

What makes someone a good candidate for a same-day smile?

There are a number of different things that will be taken into consideration when your candidacy for a same-day smile is assessed. Typically, someone who is a good patient for a same-day smile:

Has good oral health

Yes, you have some teeth that need to be replaced, but aside from that, you will be expected to have good oral health with no sign of any work that needs to be completed and no symptoms of gum disease. This is especially important since gum disease is virtually the only thing that can compromise the tenacity of the dental implants needed to hold your same-day smile in place.

Has a good general health

Your general health is an important factor in achieving a successful outcome of your treatment. Your surgeon will take your medical history to help determine if you are a suitable candidate.

Has enough healthy bone in your jaw

Your same-day smile relies on titanium dental implants posts that are placed into your jaw. Eventually, the bone will grow around them to help secure them in place even further, but immediately there will need to be enough strong, healthy bone in your jaw to support them. To assess this, you will be given dental x-rays and a CT scan which will enable your dentist to check the breadth, depth, and density of your jaw bone.

Is a non-smoker

Smoking and any sort of dental implant-based solution are not compatible. Not only does smoking compromise the healing process, but patients who smoke are also more likely to experience gum disease which could threaten the viability of their implants.

Is committed to their dental health

When you are investing in your smile, you will want it to look as healthy and remain as functional as possible. For this reason, you will need to show your surgeon that you are completely committed to your dental health and to caring for your same-day smile as well as the rest of your natural teeth. Doing so will help them to last indefinitely.

If you would like more information about same-day smiles, or if you would like to schedule an appointment to see if you are a good candidate for this popular and effective dental solution, please contact our offices in Vero Beach, FL today.

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