Teeth Next Day® Permanent Zirconia Implant Bridge

Are you struggling with damaged teeth, major dental issues, failing teeth, failing dental work, missing teeth, or wear removable dentures? You’re probably wondering what you can do to improve your ability to chew food comfortably, speak clearly, and smile with confidence. The Teeth Next Day® Zirconia Implant Bridge may be the perfect solution for you.

The Zirconia Implant Bridge protocol involves computer-generated CAD/CAM designing and milling the bridge out of a solid block of zirconia, the hardest material available in dentistry.

teeth next day® permanent zirconia implant bridge

A custom temporary bridge is milled and designed out of special hard plastic. This temporary bridge is designed to be worn for about three months while the implants integrate into the jawbone.

This dental implant protocol is time-tested and proven to be one of the most predictable, durable, and aesthetic options in dentistry today. This is the future of dentistry, and it’s available at Vero Dental Spa!

No Cracking, Chipping, or Staining Like Acrylic

If you’re looking for a realistic and durable implant-supported teeth replacement option, the Teeth Next Day® Zirconia Implant Bridge is clearly the best choice! Zirconia is the most robust tooth-colored material used in modern implant dentistry, and it’s completely biocompatible with the human body. The cosmetic results look natural and will last many years.

Have you been told that an acrylic hybrid bridge or a metal bar overdenture with plastic teeth are your only options? If so, you should reconsider. Cheaper *All-on-4® acrylic implant options frequently chip, crack, stain, wear, and discolor over time.

teeth next day® zirconia implant bridge

Dr. Ajmo will custom design your Permanent Zirconia Implant Bridge to give you a long-lasting beautiful smile that will make you look younger and healthier. There’s no metal to hide and no acrylic or plastic that stains, cracks, chips, or breaks. The best choice is to replace your teeth with zirconia and not acrylic.

What is Zirconia, and Why is it Used?

Zirconia is 100% biocompatible with the human body and has a high resistance to chewing, so it won’t fracture or stain like many other materials. Zirconia is incredibly dense and smooth, so it won’t cause wear on opposing natural teeth or porcelain. Zirconia is white, so it can be colored and glazed to look like natural teeth.

The Teeth Next Day® Zirconia Implant Bridge is specially fabricated for Dr. Ajmo by our award-winning dental lab. Each zirconia bridge is custom designed and CAD/CAM milled out of solid white zirconia. Fabrication is to the highest standards for precision, fit, long-term strength, and a beautiful appearance.

It’s then artistically colored and refined by the hands of our master ceramists to give it life-like translucency, color, and natural beauty. The result is truly amazing, using the most advanced technology that’s available in dentistry today. This is the future of dentistry!

Trust Your Smile to an Expert in Implant Dentistry

You’ll feel confident knowing you have a doctor with the advanced skills and experience to properly perform your dental implant surgery. Our team is happy to restore your mouth and smile to look and feel your best.

Dr. Ajmo has undergone years of postdoctoral training in dental implant surgery and restoration by renowned institutions in dental implantology. He has also undergone specialized training in Zirconia Implant Bridge protocol and routinely performs these procedures for his patients with outstanding results. His goal is to provide his patients with the highest quality advanced dental implant services with the patient’s absolute satisfaction in mind.

zirconia implant bridge

Call Today for a Free Consultation for Teeth Next Day®

Conveniently located in Vero Beach, FL, we offer a complimentary consultation to those interested in Teeth Next Day®. We’ll gladly discuss the benefits of this implant bridge, details about the process, cost and financing, and more. If you have multiple missing teeth or feel frustrated with your dentures and dental bridges, call Vero Dental Spa for a complimentary consultation.

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