Teeth Next Day® Before and After Photos at Vero Dental Spa

Many of us wouldn’t buy a product without seeing it first or reading some reviews. At Vero Dental Spa, we believe in the same concept regarding our professional dental implant procedures.

While we have glowing testimonials from satisfied patients, we’ve found that our Vero Beach, FL, patients are even more reassured with a visual representation.

Below, you’ll find a few success stories along with before and after pictures of patients who moved forward with Teeth Next Day® procedures.


With years of poor dental health and deterioration taking its toll, Jackie was in desperate need of a permanent solution. Dr. Jonothan Royal provided her with a Zirconia Bridge to bring her smile back to life!

Jackie teeth next day® before and after photos


Having suffered from dental phobia all his life, Lenny was concerned with how many visits and procedures he’d endure to remove his deteriorated teeth and replace them with strong, natural-looking Teeth Next Day® Implants. Thanks to Dr. Jonothan Royal, Lenny woke up from his procedure with a brand new smile – all within one day!

Lenny teeth next day® before and after photos


Linda spent most of her life dealing with missing teeth and the pain and discomfort associated with it. She was embarrassed by her smile yet did not want to pursue the traditional route of regular dentures. After a consultation with Dr. Jonothan Royal, Linda had her Teeth Next Day® procedure completed utilizing IV sedation.

Linda teeth next day® before and after photos


Fear of the dentist kept Michelle in pain and embarrassment for years. She didn’t know what recourse she had to fix her dental problems painlessly. Dr. Jonothan Royal introduced her to sedation dentistry and Teeth Next Day®. Michelle now has a new smile to show the world!

Michelle teeth next day® before and after photos

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