Need Dental Implants? Try Sedation Dentistry

If you have missing or severely damaged teeth, you may think about getting dental implants. Although they’re one of the most popular solutions for a smile makeover, implants can also restore the function of your teeth. You can enjoy eating, drinking, speaking, and laughing without having to spare a second thought about your teeth.

For dental implants to be fitted correctly, preliminary dental appointments and the treatment process will need to occur. If you’re one of the 9-15% of people in the U.S. who suffer from severe dental anxiety, implants may seem like an impossible dream. However, with sedation dentistry, even the most nervous patients can enjoy the unique benefits of high-quality dental implants.

Types of Dentures

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Many people believe that sedation is purely about eliminating pain from a procedure, but it can also eliminate the emotional distress of dental appointments.

Although people under sedation feel no pain during their dental treatment, the focus is primarily to make the patient as calm, relaxed, and comfortable as possible. This allows the dentist to perform the necessary treatments to the highest standard.

There are multiple levels of sedation available, and the right one for you is determined at your consultation appointment.

Sedation by Inhalation

The lowest level of sedation is usually administered using a mask placed over your nose. This mask is attached to a tank of nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. Breathing nitrous oxide will completely relax you, but you’ll be awake and coherent for the duration of your treatment.

Oral Sedation

The second tier of sedation comes in the form of a pill or tablet, which you would take a short time before your procedure. It’s also the most commonly used method of sedation for dental treatments. The exact result varies from person to person, but most patients are usually drowsy during the procedure. Some may feel like they’re dozing off.

Intravenous Sedation

We do not offer intravenous sedation at Vero Dental Spa, but this form will provide a deeper and more effective level of sedation. Although you’re still conscious, you might not realize it and will forget the entire experience.

Why Choose Dental Implants for Tooth Loss?

Dental implants are prevalent because of the range of benefits they offer. The most common advantages include:

  • Permanence
  • Durability
  • Discretion
  • An improved aesthetic appearance
  • An immensely high success rate of around 98%

Why Sedation Dentistry for Dental Implants?

Although implants are a popular and highly successful solution, it requires a commitment to some extensive dental work. This is because they’re made of multiple components. Several individual processes must happen, in addition to a comprehensive consultation, an examination, and imaging appointments in some cases.

The first part of dental implant surgery involves placing the implant (a titanium post) into your jawbone at a predetermined location. You might be intimidated by the idea of a surgical visit, but sedation dentistry can help you feel completely relaxed during the entirety of your procedure.

These titanium posts are permanent, and they fuse to your jawbone over time, creating the ultra-secure foundation of your new smile. You’ll be fitted with temporary crowns at this appointment and should return several months later for the final, color-matched crown fitting. Your dental implant procedure will then be complete.

Other Reasons for Using Sedation for Dental Implants

Sedation is not only for patients who have dental phobia. It can also successfully help patients who:

  • Have a physical impairment preventing them from sitting still or holding their mouth open for prolonged periods
  • Have a neurological impairment that prevents them from sitting still or holding their mouth open for prolonged periods
  • Have a strong gag reflex or sensitive teeth
  • Have difficulty relinquishing control
  • Are fearful of confined spaces

Once you have dental implants in place, following a robust daily oral routine and regular check-ups can help them last a lifetime. If you want dental implants but are scared about going to your dentist, Vero Dental Spa can help you. Our team provides the highest standard of treatment delivered with kindness and compassion. Give us a call to discuss using sedation in your dental care. Take the first step toward the smile you deserve!

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