Dentures are designed to replace missing teeth. Not only can dentures restore your smile, but they also help improve your health. Getting dentures only gives you benefits, and that’s because of the many advancements in the world of restorative dentistry.

If you have plans to get dentures, it’s essential to understand its concept. To help you out, here are a few of the common questions asked about dentures.

restorative dentistry specialist holding a model of dentures

What To Know About Dentures

How Long Do Dentures Last?

Your dentures may need replacing every five to ten years. As you age, they may need to be realigned with the changing shape of your mouth. Dentures made from plastic may require replacement sooner than those made with acrylic resin.

Given that dentures are durable even with everyday wear, proper care is still a must.

How Do I Whiten My Dentures?

There are a few ways you can try to keep your dentures white. You can start by gently scrubbing your dentures with a toothbrush. Toothpaste can be too abrasive to some materials, so make sure to ask for recommendations from your dentist before using toothpaste on your dentures. Some kinds of toothpaste can wear them down by removing the gloss coating, thus making them prone to staining.

There are several denture cleansers available over-the-counter, but your dentist will know what’s best.

How Much Should My Dentures Cost?

Complete dentures cost more than partial dentures. The price of dentures is often based on the time it takes to make them and the cost of dental materials. You should also expect the entire process to take up several appointments to be completed.

Will My Eating Habits Be Affected By My Dentures?

You’ll need time to get used to wearing your dentures. Chewing on your food may be a challenging task in the next few weeks as your mouth adjusts to the new set of teeth. Your dentist can give you tips on how to chew properly with your dentures.

You might want to ask your trusted dentist about healthy food suggestions that won’t damage them. Don’t expect to be chewing steak with ease right after you walk out of your dentist’s office.

Will My Dentures Affect My Speech?

Yes, you might notice minor changes in your speech patterns, including lisping. What you can do is practice speaking with your dentures to return to your everyday speech patterns. You might as well try reading aloud to yourself if you’re not yet confident to talk with others.

restorative dentistry specialist working on dentures

Do You Have Other Questions About Dentures And Restorative Dentistry?

Vero Dental Spa has all the answers ready for you! Our team of knowledgeable dental professionals is always eager to educate you on various dental issues and solutions. It has been our goal to make everything comfortable for you. We believe that if you get a complete understanding of the dental treatment you’re going through, it’ll be a lot easier for both of us to come up with a great result.

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