Many patients who need porcelain veneers often have a variety of questions about the process, the look, feel, and the cost of porcelain veneers. We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about porcelain veneers here so that you go into the process knowing what to expect.

If veneers take two visits, what will my teeth look like between visits? How will they feel?

Most veneers require two trips to your dentist to complete the process. During your first visit, the tooth is shaped, and the second is when the final veneers are cemented into place. After the tooth is initially shaped, your dentist will place a temporary veneer that helps to protect the tooth from sensitivity and infection. This temporary veneer will also offer some function and appearance so that most people won’t know the difference. The temporary veneers may not fit just like your permanent veneers, but they shouldn’t be uncomfortable.

Do Veneers Protect Me from Cavities?

Research shows that porcelain veneers don’t have a significant positive or negative effect on the number of cavities a patient gets as long as they practice proper oral hygiene. If patients are not properly brushing and flossing their teeth, it is like that they will be more prone to cavities.

How Long do Porcelain Veneers Last?

Veneers are expected to last anywhere from seven to twenty years. The most common reason that veneers need to be replaced is due to chipping or cracking. If you notice that your veneer has any damage, it is important to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Sometimes the veneer can be fixed and won’t require complete replacement. Changes in the gums can also require the replacement of veneers.

Do Veneers Come Dyed to Match My Existing Teeth?

Discussing the coloration of a veneer with your dentist is important. While it is possible to match your teeth, many patients choose to get their veneers in a whiter shade than their natural teeth and then undergo tooth whitening. This helps the natural teeth become brighter and improves the entire smile.

Can Porcelain Veneers Become Stained?

Porcelain is specifically used for veneers because of its ability to withstand stains. Your porcelain veneers shouldn’t stain, but you may notice that they have some discoloration. This should go away with normal brushing. If it doesn’t, you should visit with your dentist to see what your options are.

Does Dental Insurance Cover the Cost of Veneers?

Reviewing your insurance plan is important. Many insurance plans will cover at least some portion of dental veneers. However, it may depend on the reason that you are getting veneers. It may require some additional legwork and paperwork in order to prove your case. Your dentist may also need to have some communication with your dental plan to ensure that your procedure is covered and that you fully understand any amount that you will be billed for. If dental insurance will not cover the cost, discuss options with your dentist to see if they have any flexible options.

How do I Care for My Veneers?

Fortunately, veneers don’t require vast amounts of additional care. You should brush your teeth twice daily, floss daily, and get your regular dental checkups. Additionally, your dentist is likely to recommend that you wear a bite guard to help protect the veneers from grinding your teeth, and you should avoid cracking nuts or chewing hard foods on the front veneers.


If you’re considering veneers, it is best to schedule an appointment with your dentist. Only your dentist can review your specific case and identify the best options for you and give you a realistic timeline and cost. Call today to schedule your initial evaluation.

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