With dental implants in Port St. Lucie you can now enjoy the full and beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

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How Dental Implants Evolved Into The Best Tooth Replacement Solution

Historically, tooth loss meant pain, poor health, and even death. Until recent times, there was no long-lasting, permanent solution for embarrassing tooth loss. Thanks to improvements in dental science, oral hygiene, and innovative materials, today you can quickly get a beautiful and healthy smile despite damaged, decayed, or lost teeth.

Ancient History Of Dental Implants

Throughout recorded history, people have employed various materials, substances, and procedures in the pursuit of improving oral health.

  • As far back as 3,500 BC, ancient Egyptians were using frayed sticks and crude abrasive compounds to ward off tooth decay and disease. Mummies have been found with dental implants made of gold wire and oxen bone, although these were likely added after death to complete the body for the afterlife.
  • The first evidence of dental implants in living people, date to China around 2,000 BC. Skulls have been found with carved bamboo pegs hammered into the jawbone.
  • A woman’s jawbone from 600 AD with three dental implants made of shell was found at a Mayan site. Bone formation around the implants indicates they were implanted in her jaw while she was alive.

Dental Implants Of Yesterday

Advances in medical science, oral hygiene and dentistry have made dental implants more successful than ever.

  • The dawn of modern dental implant science was in the late 1700s and 1800s with studies utilizing cadaver teeth and precious metals.
  • During the early 1900s, researchers experimented with porcelain, precious metal alloys and innovative methods of attaching teeth replacements to the jawbone with hardware, screws and bridges.
  • In the 1950s, a Swedish professor discovered that bone fuses readily to titanium in a process called osteointegration, revolutionizing implant science.

Today’s Dental Implants

The dental implants of today can be done quickly, involve little discomfort and have a huge success rate of 98%.

  • Modern implants are made up of three separate parts. A titanium root carefully screwed into position under anesthesia, fuses with the jawbone. A small post called an abutment, attaches to that root and extends past the gums. The crown attaches to the abutment and is crafted of durable materials to appear completely natural.
  • Advances in bone grafting and soft tissue augmentation no longer prevent you from getting implants for a healthier, beautiful smile.
  • Any number, from one to an entire mouthful of decaying or damaged teeth, can be replaced at once. With Teeth Next Day® you can even get dental implants done in a single day!
A dentist smiles before placing Dental Implants in Port St. Lucie

Are You Wondering How You Can Get A Healthy And Attractive Smile With Dental Implants In Port St. Lucie?

You do not have to suffer the pain and embarrassment caused by teeth damaged beyond saving, missing teeth, or the further oral degradation caused by tooth loss. Modern dental implants look completely natural, function exactly like biological teeth, and give you an attractive smile that lasts a lifetime. Contact Vero Dental Spa in Vero Beach, FL to schedule your consultation today.

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