According to the best dentist in Vero Beach, many patients can get veneers, and not only the wealthy and famous can afford them. These small but valuable shells are ideal for creating a picture-perfect smile on your teeth. While veneers are well-known for their ability to repair damaged and stained teeth, this isn’t the only advantage this dental device provides.

Veneers can correct various dental issues, which is excellent news if you’re thinking about getting them. Here are some of the most common dental problems that veneers can treat to help you understand more about this cosmetic device.

3D model of veneers that the best dentist in Vero Beach can provide

What Kinds of Dental Issues Can Veneers Treat?

Damaged Teeth

While most people with damaged teeth have them due to an accident, others are born with misaligned or unevenly shaped teeth. People who have dental flaws are often self-conscious about their smiles. Veneers, on the other hand, are the best option for correcting irregularly shaped teeth because they allow for a more uniform size and shape.  

Teeth That Have Deteriorated

When someone has bruxism, tooth damage, and poor oral health, they constantly damage and wear down their teeth. Their teeth can wear down if left unchecked and untreated due to constant grinding and pain. If your teeth are worn down, veneers can give you a new smile by concealing these flaws.  

Teeth That Are Cracked or Chipped  

Because broken or chipped teeth are more prone to oral health problems, veneers can help protect them from further damage. Patients with chips and cracks in their teeth frequently struggle to eat and speak properly. Veneers attached to your teeth can conceal jagged or uneven edges while preventing further damage.  

Teeth That Are Stained or Discolored  

While regular brushing and flossing can help remove some stains, these oral hygiene routines are insufficient to remove tooth discoloration. Even if you practice good oral hygiene daily, your teeth may become yellow or dull due to genetics or periodontal disease. While there are numerous solutions to this problem, wearing veneers can make you happy for years.

You can eliminate discoloration or stained teeth with veneers, giving you a whiter and more radiant smile. Your dentist will collaborate with you to determine the exact shade of white you desire for your teeth. They can also customize your veneers to match your natural teeth perfectly.  

Sensitivity of the Teeth

You may have tooth sensitivity if your teeth ache or sting when exposed to hot or cold foods and drinks. Veneers add an extra layer of defense between your teeth and anything that can cause pain or discomfort when eating or drinking. This dental device keeps hot and cold elements from directly touching your tooth, causing pain and discomfort.  

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Are You Looking for the Best Dentist in Vero Beach?  

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