Are you nervous about seeking help with dental implants in Vero Beach? No matter the condition of the mouth and teeth, we can help you revive your pearly smile. If you find yourself hiding your teeth instead of smiling, set an appointment at Vero Dental Spa. We are the experts who can guide you to reclaiming your long-lost smile.  

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What Does a Dental Implant Procedure entail?  

Before The Surgery 

Each person’s situation is unique. However, all implant procedures follow similar timelines. There are appointments, surgery, recovery, and the final surgery.  

Before any dental implants are inserted, a few appointments are needed to get you situated before the operation. These meeting with outline all the fine details of your tailored restoration plan. Your doctor will answer all your questions and guide you along the way.  

These appointments are usually scheduled with two to three months in between meetings. 

During The Surgery 

During phase one of the surgery, the surgeon begins by peeling the gum away to expose the gap left behind by the former tooth. The new tooth root is a titanium screw that the surgeon inserts into the hole before fastening it to the jawbone. Once done, the gum is then closed around the tooth to allow healing. 

During the healing process, the screw and the jawbone go through a process called osseointegration.  

Osteointegration is the fancy way for saying the bone and titanium will meld together. This anchors the implant to the bone, indicating a successful operation.  

Be mindful during the duration of the recovery time. You will be provided with temporary crowns and your permanent ones will be place a few months later. 

Once this is done, you’ll have brand new pearly whites that you can help you feel confident. While the dental implant process takes time, it is worth considering what it can do for you. Let us examine you and help you spread happiness through a radiant smile once again. 

Success rate, Qualifications, and Complications of Dental Implants 

Let’s throw all nervousness out the window because dental implant surgeries have a very high success rate. That being said, they also aren’t meant for everyone. Here are reasons why you may be ineligible: 

  • Metabolic disease 
  • Soft tissue or bone disease/infection 
  • Acute illness 

The following are more possible reasons you may be turned down from dental implant surgery: 

  1. Incessant smoking habits 
  1. Parafunctional habits 
  1. HIV or AIDS 
  1. Diabetes 
  1. Psychiatric disorders 
  1. Behavioral deficiencies   

These two lists are meant to help you decide if you’re eligible. Even if you have one of these disqualifiers, it doesn’t hurt to contact your dentist and talk about potential next steps.  

While complications do happen, they are not common. Don’t let these doubts stop you from seeking shiny new implants. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared for all potential outcomes, but your chances are pretty good.  

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