When people hear of dental implants and other surgeries, they tend to avoid the dentist. This is because of the many misconceptions they’ve heard about dental surgery. If you are one of these people, then you have come to the right page. Here, we can help you clear your thoughts before inquiring about dental implants in Fort Pierce.

Dental Implants Fort Pierce

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are often referred to as the frames, or metal posts, that are surgically positioned into your jawbone. Once in place, your dentist can then mount the replacement teeth on these implants. This procedure offers a comfortable, secure, and permanent solution to your specific dental needs.

However, there is still a lot of confusion as to what dental implants really are and what they are intended to do. You may have heard a lot about getting implants. This information could either make you say yes or no, so here are a few misconceptions that you should clear the air about.

Dental Implant Misconceptions

Dental Implants Require a lot of Maintenance

This is entirely false, but it doesn’t mean either that your implants don’t need maintenance. Your dental implants are securely sealed under your tooth, and they require just the same amount of maintenance as your natural teeth. It’s easier to clean and maintain than dentures because you don’t need to remove them.

Dental Implants Are Temporary

When people think of dental treatments like bridges and implants, they often assume that they are looking at something that needs to be replaced at a given time. This is absolutely not the case when it comes to dental implants. This procedure doesn’t require you to change your implants after ten years or so. Your implants can last a lifetime, given that you take care of them properly.

Dental Implants Are Only For Young People

What you need to know is that age is not a determining factor if someone is a good candidate for an implant. A restorative dentist will assist the patient’s overall health, including jawbone strength and gum tissue health. In short, people of any age, as long as they pass the dental health check, can take advantage of dental implants.

Dental Implants Are Painful

Well, thanks to anesthesia and sedation, dental surgeries can no longer be associated with pain. For sure, your dentist will do everything to keep you comfortable during the procedure. However, you might feel a bit of soreness after the surgery, but that should go away in a few days.

Dental Implants Imply Many Foods Restrictions

Just like any other dental surgery, you will have to follow what your doctor says you can and can’t eat after the surgery. This is just to avoid contaminating your wounds. However, once these wounds heal and you already got an assurance from your dentist, you can drink and eat whatever you want.

Dental Implants Fort Pierce

Are You Planning to Get Dental Implants in Fort Pierce?

Here at Vero Dental Spa, we always ensure your comfort. It is our main aim to address your dental concerns in the best way possible. Our team is adept at understanding your dental concerns to further give you the most feasible dental solution. Our expert dental care is just a few clicks away!

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