People are slowly discovering that laser dentistry in Vero Beach is safe and more effective than traditional procedures. Dentists may now execute a variety of treatments with greater precision thanks to lasers. If you want to learn how dentists use lasers to treat patients, here’s a quick guide to help you.  

Dentist using Laser Dentistry in Vero Beach for a procedure

Procedures Utilizing Laser Dentistry  

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is a sophisticated dental procedure that treats dental issues with lasers (focused beams of light). This technique has been utilized in dentistry for over two decades and has grown in popularity because of its precision, efficiency, and reduced patient discomfort.

Laser dentistry has several advantages, including less bleeding, less anesthetic required, less discomfort and swelling, and shorter recovery times. Unfortunately, lasers cannot be used to conduct all dental operations, and all dental insurance policies may not cover their use. Procedures that use laser dentistry:

  • Hard Tissue Cavity Detection

Cavity detection is a technique that you have the option of having done. With the help of a dental laser, you can identify early indications of tooth decay and begin taking preventative actions to save the tooth. Lasers can detect the smallest formation of cavities in the teeth and treat them before they become a problem.  

  • Filling A Space

A dental laser can treat cavities by eliminating the microorganisms in the cavity. A dentist can remove the decaying portions using a laser rather than a drill. With this method, patients will feel less pain and discomfort since this is a minimally invasive filling method.  

  • Treatments for Sensitivity

Treating sensitivity is a common problem that laser dentistry can assist with. Dental lasers can communicate with the nerve and close tubules on the roots of teeth. This process can help lessen sensitivity to hot or cold objects by suppressing these signals.  

  • Gum-Shaping Soft Tissue Procedures  

Some people have gums that are not in good shape due to poor hygiene or genetics. This might trigger sensitivity or be an aesthetic problem. When altering gums, dentists employ laser dentistry. Using conventional techniques may cause these tissues to become sensitive and prone to bleeding. Laser dentistry results in less bleeding and reduced swelling of the gums after treatment.  

  • Tongue Surgery

Some people’s tongues are formed strangely, making eating and speaking challenging. To help the tongue move more uniformly inside the mouth, an oral surgeon may use a laser to remove some of the tissue there.  

Why Is It Important to Understand This Procedure?

Understanding laser dentistry can make it easier to understand why dentists utilize it to treat their patients. Since this procedure involves removing or modifying the hard and soft tissues of the mouth, that’s why every patient should know the extent of this treatment.

These procedures are often less invasive than those that involve a blade, which might make the patient more at ease. When lasers are used, there is frequently less discomfort and bleeding. Compared to other treatments, some patients recover more quickly. Your dentist might not need an anesthetic because these procedures involve minimal pain.    

Woman smiling after undergoing a laser dentistry procedure in vero beach

Are You Interested in Laser Dentistry in Vero Beach?    

At Vero Dental Spa, we can provide you with safe and secure laser dentistry. Our team can help you decide what dental procedure is right for you. Give us a call to learn more about the services we offer!

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