Have you experienced any dental problems that can’t be treated by dental implants, braces, dentures, or fillings? If so, a complete mouth reconstruction may be necessary to help you restore your oral health. Full mouth reconstruction in Vero Beach, as the name implies, involves repairing and replacing all or a portion of the patient’s teeth.    

This procedure is your second chance at redemption for restoring and enhancing your damaged teeth. Even though it may include several dental treatments, including bone grafting, dental crowns, and implants, it’s worthwhile since it can make you look a few years younger. Here is all the information you need about full mouth reconstruction to assist you in learning this process.    

patient glad with her full mouth reconstruction in Vero Beach

FAQs About Full Mouth Reconstruction  

What is Full Mouth Reconstruction?  

This procedure combines cosmetic and restorative dentistry to improve the mouth’s function, health, and appearance.    

Most of your teeth will be repaired or rebuilt as part of the procedure, giving your smile a more attractive and natural appearance. This procedure can straighten and correct your mouth, teeth, and jaw for optimum results. It can quickly repair and restore your worn-down and damaged teeth if you’ve lost any due to trauma, dental illness, or injury.  

Advantages of Complete Mouth Reconstruction  

Treatment for full mouth rehabilitation offers various benefits. Some of the most significant advantages are listed below:  

  • Treating headaches and migraines.  
  • Treats a variety of dental diseases.  
  • It provides a dental framework that is more durable.  
  • You can keep your gums and teeth healthy.  
  • Your teeth will receive the necessary care they require as they age.  
patient on the process of getting full mouth reconstruction Vero Beach

How Long Does a Full Mouth Reconstruction Take?  

Only your dentist and the team of specialists doing your whole mouth reconstruction can determine how long your entire operation will last and what procedures are necessary for your condition. Consult your dentist to learn more about the procedure that might be required in your situation. The steps of a full mouth reconstruction often go as follows:  

  • Most reconstructions include several steps and dentist visits.  
  • It is typical to expect treatment to continue for months or longer, depending on your condition.  
  • Provide you with dental care that is both preventive and restorative.  
  • Adjusting the jaw’s position using orthodontic surgery.  
  • Reshaping the gum tissues to restore your smile.  
  • Removing some of your natural teeth to make room for veneers, crowns, or bridges.  
  • To adjust to your new teeth and how your mouth or bite feels, temporary restorations are put in place.

Who Is Qualified to Get This Procedure?  

Patients needing comprehensive dental care to restore their oral health are good candidates for this procedure. This procedure is also necessary for patients with several missing teeth, severe cavities, or cracked or shattered teeth. With the dentist’s approval, people born with conditions like Ectodermal Dysplasia, Amelogenesis, or Dentino Genisis Imperfecta are welcome to try this operation.      

patient undergoes full mouth reconstruction Vero Beach

Do You Need a Full Mouth Restoration in Vero Beach?  

If your dental health isn’t in the best condition, you may need a full mouth reconstruction to help repair your damaged mouth. At Vero Dental Spa, we provide a wide range of dental treatments that can enhance and restore your general health. Get in touch with our staff today to begin your treatment plan!

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