Teeth whitening is the number one cosmetic dental procedure in the world. It’s exponential rise in popularity is largely due to two things – the increasing importance being placed on esthetic appearance, and the fact that it is more affordable and accessible than ever before.

An influx of teeth whitening methods and treatments

Recognizing the mounting demand for tooth whitening procedures, there has been a tsunami-like wave of different products and treatment flooding on to the market. If you are interested in making your smile whiter and brighter, then trying to decide which whitening method may seem like a minefield. After all, essentially all whitening methods produce the same result, right?

Wrong! Despite the claims made by many whitening treatments there are many that simply do not produce the shade of whiteness desired by many patients. Sometimes this is down to the strength of the product and other times it may be that the patient has an expectation that is just not realistic based on the current color of their teeth and/or the tooth whitening method that they are using.

To help you determine which of the tooth whitening methods are the best, we have put together this useful guide.

In-office tooth whitening

In-office tooth whitening is considered the most superior method of tooth whitening available, and is also proven to deliver the best and most consistent results. There are several reasons for this.

First, teeth whitening that is carried out in your dentist’s office will be done using professional-grade chemicals and equipment. The strength of bleaching agent used by your dentist will be far stronger than any take-home or over-the-counter kits, meaning that the result should be much whiter and as the bleach penetrates much more deeply, should also last longer.

Secondly, your dentist will have unique visual and physical access to your teeth which will allow for an even application of whitening agent, ensuring that all parts of the teeth are covered and the result looks completely natural.

Although in-office procedures are usually the most expensive option for tooth whitening, many patients feel that the great, long-lasting and natural-looking results far outweigh the cost.

Take-home teeth whitening kits provided by your dentist

A good alternative to in-office teeth whitening is a take-home kit that is provided by your dentist. These kits, sometimes referred to as teeth-whitening trays, still have the benefit of containing professional-grade bleaching agents. However, the strength of the bleach is slightly lower so that it is safe to be applied at home by untrained patients. Take-home kits are cheaper than in-office treatments and most dentists believe that they provide the next-best whitening results.

Over-the-counter and store-bought whitening products

There are a huge range of products on the market which claim to be able to whiten your smile. However, legally they are not allowed to use the same strengths of whitening agents that can be used or provided by a professional dentist. This means that the results are rarely anywhere near as good and the whiteness that is achieved fades quickly. Persistent use of the products is necessary to maintain a reasonably desirable shade. The benefit of this method of whitening is that it is substantially cheaper to buy these products than it is to have professional-grade treatment. However, with poorer results and the necessity to continue buying and using the products, many patients feel that professional whitening is a better investment.

In-office whitening or take-home teeth whitening trays are proven to have incredible, long-lasting results. If you would like to find out more, speak to your dentist who will be happy to advise you further.

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