When it comes to our routine dental care, most of us know the importance of regular check-ups with our professional dentist.

After all, one of the main reasons that we attend our regular check-up appointments with our dentist is so that they can perform a comprehensive assessment of our teeth, and identify any potential problems early, before they become extensive and expensive to treat.

However, as much as two-thirds of our teeth are hidden below the gum line, meaning that not all dental problems are visible to the naked eye. With that said, we may sometimes need to take dental x-rays of your mouth.

Why are dental x-rays important?

There are numerous reasons why dental x-rays are important. The most obvious one is that they allow us to visualize and assess the condition of your teeth below the gum line.

Dental x-rays can detect even the smallest indicators of oral health problems in the very early stages – including cavities, gum disease, infections and even some tumors. Early diagnosis of many conditions can be vital in getting the patient the treatment that they need before their symptoms become painful or inconvenient.

Another benefit of dental x-rays is that they give you, the patient, a unique opportunity to see the dental problems that we are discussing with you. This will help you to understand the extent of the condition, and how the relevant treatment can improve your condition.

Should I be concerned about radiation from dental x-rays?

Some people are understandably worried about the radiation exposure experienced during a dental x-ray. However, modern technology has dramatically reduced radiation levels in standard x-rays, and they are now at their lowest ever level.

If you have no underlying problems, we will generally request a patient to have one round of dental x-rays every 18-24 months.

However, patients who are undergoing treatment for a condition or who have dental problems identified in their first x-ray may require them with a slightly increased frequency, so we can keep a closer eye on the health of your teeth and jaw.

If you haven’t had any recent dental x-rays, make an appointment with Vero Dental Spa as soon as possible. Dental x-rays can put your mind at rest, knowing that your dental health is being monitored both above and below the gum line.

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