While many want to have their teeth professionally whitened, some are hesitant because they are unsure if it’s a safe procedure. Cosmetic dentists in Vero Beach guarantee that teeth whitening is a safe and dependable cosmetic dental technique performed by dedicated professionals. This treatment has evolved significantly over the years to give patients risk-free and safe dental procedures.    

If you want to understand more about it, below is some information on teeth whitening that can assist you in making your decision.    

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Facts About Professional Teeth Whitening  

Who Shouldn’t Get Their Teeth Whitened?  

One of the main reasons some people cannot have their teeth professionally whitened is if they’re allergic or sensitive to the whitening solution. You should avoid teeth whitening if you are allergic to any of these ingredients. You will also be disqualified if you have a lot of tartar and cavities on your teeth.  

How Should You Prepare for Teeth Whitening?  

Before whitening procedures, damaged or infected teeth should be treated. This also applies to persons who have periodontal disease. The issues that impact your dental health most should always be addressed first. After that, you might proceed to other cosmetic dental treatments to improve your appearance.

Is Professional Teeth Whitening Safe?  

While professional teeth whitening is not for everyone, it is a safe and dependable dental procedure for those who are suitable for it. Because tooth whitening solutions contain chemicals such as sodium fluoride and hydrogen peroxide, certain persons are ineligible for this therapy. These substances can irritate the gums and skin of people allergic to them.  

When are Teeth Whitening Not Advisable?  

There are various factors to consider before whitening your teeth, especially if they’re in poor condition. Always consult your dentist about your teeth-whitening plans before attempting any whitening techniques. If you wish to have this procedure, you should always check with your dentist.  

Is It Possible to Whiten All of Your Teeth?  

Unfortunately, this technique does not work on all teeth. Certain underlying issues can impact therapy, such as intrinsic stains, cavities, and severely damaged teeth. One example is when a tooth becomes discolored from the inside and cannot be whitened with conventional teeth-whitening treatments.  

While yellow tooth stains can be easily removed with whitening, black or dark tooth stains cannot be removed with regular whitening treatments. Instead of having your teeth whitened if you have cavities, get your holes filled with dental fillings, which will also improve the color of your teeth. Consulting your dentist is a fantastic approach to finding out if this technique can whiten your teeth.  

Other Teeth Whitening Procedures  

  • Whitening your teeth naturally  
  • Toothpaste that whitens teeth  
  • Kits for teeth whitening  
  • Whitening toothpaste  
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Are You Looking for a Dedicated Cosmetic Dentist in Vero Beach?  

At Vero Dental Spa, our dentist provides a comprehensive range of cosmetic dentistry services to help you improve your smile. We’re always willing to assist and aid you in boosting your smile. Don’t hesitate to contact our office to learn more about cosmetic dentistry!

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