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Your general dentist in Vero Beach, Dr. Jonothan Royal, has one goal when he sees teeth — protect and preserve every single one at all costs. Why does he think this way? Because preventing problems and damage before they occur is going to ensure that you and your smile are free from pain and discomfort later down the road. There are two other big benefits of relying on preventive dentistry in Vero Beach with a trusted general dentist. They are:

BENEFIT # 1) You’ll actually spend less time with your general dentist in the chair because your teeth and gums are healthy and disease-free.

BENEFIT #2) You won’t be in the office as much, so you won’t have to worry about dental bills and insurance costs.

Preventive dentistry in Vero Beach doesn’t discriminate by age — it can help everyone, especially children. We want to see them early so that they associate going to the dentist with a fun, educational experience.

General Dentistry: Services for Every Smile

Regular visits to your Vero Beach general dentist are one of the best things you can do for both yourself and your smile. We can monitor your mouth for any changes or abnormalities as time goes by and keep your smile clean and healthy. Some patients and their smiles need a little help to get their teeth and bite back in shape.

Root Canals

Don’t worry about these two little words. Root canals are easier and painless than ever before, thanks to our advanced technology and treatment techniques. We can clear out and clean up your infected tooth in no time.

TMJ Therapy

Do you have relentless jaw pain that you mask with medications? It’s time you talked to your general dentist in Vero Beach about getting rid of your discomfort and getting your bite back.

Periodontal Therapy

Without your gums, you’d have no teeth! That’s why periodontal or gum therapy is so important. Gum disease is no joke and is highly common in adults. If you have bleeding gums, talk to us to learn more about our laser treatment.

Modern innovations in dentistry mean that even the most…

Modern innovations in dentistry mean that even the most damaged, decayed, and unsightly teeth can now be transformed into beautiful, healthy smiles. However, preventing damage before it occurs can significantly reduce the likelihood of later pain or discomfort, the amount of time you will need to spend in your Vero Dental Spa office, and your dental bills and insurance costs.   These include: Cancer Diabetes Heart disease Osteoporosis Respiratory disease Preventative dentistry is the practice of caring for your teeth in order to keep them healthy, avoiding the need for cavity filling, fractures, crowns, gum disease, and more. You can also minimize your risk of developing other health complications as a result of poor oral health care.

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Almost half of all Americans suffer from periodontal disease,…

Almost half of all Americans suffer from periodontal disease, which is the leading cause of tooth loss. Many of those who have gum disease avoid going to the dentist for treatment out of fear of painful, invasive surgeries. At Vero Dental Spa, can relate to the fear, as well as alleviate it. We offer laser periodontal therapy at our Vero Beach office to give you a chance to address your oral health needs in a comfortable, relaxed environment. If you are interested in learning more about our gum disease treatments, contact us today. Recovery We put our patient’s needs first at our Vero Beach dental office and go to great lengths to minimize your downtime after laser periodontal treatment. Any mild pain or inflammation you experience after the treatment can be treated with over-the-counter medication. You will be able…

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Root canal therapy is a dental procedure used to treat an infection…

Root canal therapy is a dental procedure used to treat an infection that is buried within the center of a tooth – an area known as the root canal. An infection in this area can be caused by a number of different reasons including: Tooth decay Fillings that have leaked Damage to the tooth as a result of trauma or an injury Root Canal and Root Canal Treatment The root canal area contains the soft tissue at the center of the tooth (known as the pulp) and extends between the crown of the tooth to the very end of the root. A common misconception is that a single tooth only has one root canal. In fact, a single tooth can have multiple root canals.

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The Temporomandibular Joint more commonly referred to as TMJ –…

The Temporomandibular Joint more commonly referred to as TMJ – is the joint that connects your jaw to the temporal bones of the skull. A condition known as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) occurs when this joint is injured or damaged, which causes problems affecting the chewing muscles and the overall function of the jaw. Some estimates suggest that up to 30% of adults will experience TMD at some point during their lifetime, and although not usually a serious condition, the symptoms associated with TMD can significantly affect a sufferer’s quality of life. Symptoms of TMD There are a number of symptoms associated with TMD. These include, but are not limited to: Muscle pain in and around the jaw Clicking, grinding or popping noises when you chew or move your mouth Pain in front of the ear which may spread to…

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When people think about dental health, they often forget about…

When people think about dental health, they often forget about one important aspect – the health of their gums. Gums are an essential element of your dental wellbeing as, when healthy, they fit flush against your teeth providing the majority of the support needed to hold them in place. In its earliest stages, gum disease (known as gingivitis), is limited to the gums. However, if it is not dealt with and the disease progresses it can spread to the tissue and bone that supports the tooth. When this happens you may find that gaps appear between the tooth and gums, which make it easy for food particles and bacteria to become trapped and make the infection worse. As the tissue and bone begin to deteriorate, teeth may loosen, move around in the jaw and even fall out altogether. As always,…

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Lasers have revolutionized processes and possibilities across a broad range…

Lasers have revolutionized processes and possibilities across a broad range of industries, including the world of dentistry and oral care. Although it is yet to be given approval by the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP), it has so far yielded extremely positive results which leads us to believe that the results for patients thus far have shown some degree of promise. Periodontal diseases are infections found in the structures around the teeth, which include the gums, periodontal ligament, and alveolar bone. In its earliest stages, infection (otherwise known as gingivitis) is limited to the gums, but this alone is a major contributor to tooth loss in adults. If not dealt with promptly, then the problem can quickly spread to other tissues, making the situation far more complicated to rectify.

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Have you put off going to the dentist for too long? Balancing careers…

Have you put off going to the dentist for too long? Balancing careers, families, and day-to-day life can be extremely difficult. When it comes to fitting in appointments, visiting the dentist can easily slip to the bottom of the list of the priorities. At Vero Dental Spa, we want you to understand the gravity and consequences of delayed treatments. The Importance of Regular Dental Check-Ups The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that you visit your dentist for a check-up every six months. For many people, this seems a little like overkill, but the ADA has sound reasons for this recommendation. When you visit your dentist, you receive a comprehensive examination of your teeth and mouth. Your dentist has the professional equipment, and knowledge to identify any potential oral problems at an early stage, often before they cause any pain, discomfort,…

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